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Industrial Paint

Industrial paint suppliers on the Gold Coast that mean business

When you need industrial paint that will withstand even the most harsh Australian climate conditions, you need to talk to Economy Paint Supplies on the Gold Coast.

Economy Paint Supplies carries the largest industrial paint range on the Gold Coast and with more than 30 years’ experience in the paint supplies industry Economy Paint Supplies know the best industrial paints on the market and what conditions they should be used in.

As the industrial paint market evolves, we are always at the forefront of changes so we can give you the best advice based on the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Paint protection

Capital equipment can be used in a range of conditions but we can tailor a solution to your needs. Whether your industrial paint needs to withstand the harsh Australian sun, or sea salt from the ocean, we can advise you on the best protective paint. By choosing the best industrial paint for your application, you can prolong the life of your equipment and save on maintenance costs.

Hardwearingindustrial paint has never looked so good.

Not only does our vast range of industrial paint provide the upmost protection from the elements, it also looks fantastic.

Industrial Paint | Gold Coast | Economy Paint Supplies

Branding is important to businesses, and badly presented capital equipment does not portray a professional look. With Economy Paint Supplies at the helm you can guarantee that our industrial paint will make you look good.

Industrial strength industrial paint in very colour

Protecting your capital equipment and making it look great is one and the same thing at Economy Paint Supplies. With our colour match technology we can take even the most abstract colour and match it for you. So whether you need to touch up your existing paint job, or you want to transform your machinery with an entire restoration, our paint colour match technology will deliver the results you want every time.

For all your industrial paint needs on the Gold Coast – call the experts!

When you want access to a wide range of industrial paints that work hard to protect your equipment then talk to the team at Economy Paint Supplies. We specialise in providing top quality solutions to all your painting needs. Call the team on 07 5529 1522.