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Buff Pads & Back Up

Want that showroom shine back?

Get your buff pads, polish and waxes from Economy Paint Supplies on the Gold Coast

There’s never a more proud moment than when you drive your car out of the showroom, it has that new car smell and it’s so shiny you can see your reflection in it. But over time the shine fades and with it a little bit of your new car high.

To get the new car shine back, come speak to the guys at Economy Paint Supplies on the Gold Coast, our range of buff pads and range of polish and waxes will shine, smooth and polish your car to perfection.

We’re car buffs that will know the best buff pads, polishes and waxes for you

What buff pads, polishes and waxes are right for your car? Come and speak to the experts at Economy Paint Supplies right here on the Gold Coast. We can advise on what buff pads, polishes and waxes to compliment your car’s make, model and colour.

When you use good quality buff pad, polish and waxes, you can bring back that high gloss, professional finish.

Buff Pads & Back Up | Gold Coast | Economy Paint Supplies

Don’t let the shine fade from your new car purchase, get your buff pads, polishes and waxes today.

Get your boat and/or car polished to perfection

Many people find think that they can use the same buff pads on a boat and a car, but in reality this is not the case. Whilst you can use the same materials and tools, the results you yield will be very different.

To keep your boat looking ship-shape, you will need to look at specialised marine buff pads.

Talk to Craig at Economy Paint Supplies for advice on the best buff pads to use on your vessel. We can assist you in producing the best results.

Check out our detailing page for more information on getting that prefect finish

Polished finish

It’s the little things that count, and a good quality wax and polish doesn’t cost the earth but can make a big difference to your car and/or boats’ finish.

One thing to note about waxes and polishes is that one type does not suit all. Different boats and cars have different needs, and the end result can be completely if used on the wrong surface.

By talking to the team at Economy Paint Supplies, we can provide you with the best advice, so you get the best results.

Economy Paint Supplies on the Gold Coast Call into our Gold Coast showroom and speak with the experts at Economy Paint Supplies, with more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, we won’t be beaten on quality, product range and product knowledge. Call 07 5529 1522 for assistance with all your buff pads, polish and wax needs, or come into our showroom at 8 Wrights Place in Arundel.